Chicago Board of Trade Building 1930

Chicago PhotoFriedman Fine Art and are pleased to present this gorgeous unique historical photograph of Chicago.

This historical photograph was taken by the Chicago Architectural Photography Company in 1930. Friedman Fine Art has access to the original glass plate negative and can produce this piece to any custom size delivering a spectacular framed photograph with beautiful resolution and clarity. This photograph is part of a tremendous collection of old and vintage Chicago and financially related imagery.

The Chicago Board of Trade building stands at the end of LaSalle Street. The structure was designed by the famous and prolific architectural design firm Holabird and Root, and completed in 1930. The gray limestone throne like tower is 45 stories tall and is adorned in the Art Deco style. At the top of the building is the sculpture of Ceres, the ancient Roman goddess of agriculture. The beautiful and spacious two story interior of the lobby is detailed with scalloped curves, metal sculptural banding, and dramatic illumination.

The architects Holabird and Root set the Chicago Board of Trade on a nine story core that originally included a six story trading area. Slightly above the entrance, well over the trading floor, sits a large clock sits facing north, book-ended on either side by two exceptionally carved limestone personifications of wheat and corn, rich with Art Deco symmetry. These beautiful works were executed by artist Alvin Meyer.

As basic as the exterior ornamentation appears, the interior design features are intensified and extravagant in the luxury of materials used. The three story lobby is a masterpiece of Art Deco with its passion for sleek, polished and burnished surfaces and contrasting marble finishes. The mellow light shines and shimmers off fixtures of translucent glass and nickel, two essential ingredients of the period’s brilliant architecture. The spectacular ornamentation is both geometric and modern. There is an additional touch of Egyptian influence with the building’s interior, conveyed in a zigzagging decorative pattern. This marvelous design is aristocratic modernism at its best. The Chicago Board of Trade building and its timeless design is a flawless expression of the era.

If you would like to purchase or view other contemporary or historical photographs of Chicago please follow this link Chicago Photography and Chicago Photographs.


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