Photos of LaSalle Street Opera House Chicago Illinois

Historical LaSalle Opera House 1900s Picture

Friedman Fine Art and are pleased to present this magnificent historical photo of Chicago.

The LaSalle Opera House was built and opened in 1910, and could seat a just under 800. The neoclassical styled LaSalle Opera House was closed 17 years later in 1927 only to be closed in the late 1940’s.

Located on the Madison and Clark street and meant for opera, the LaSalle Opera House facility began to show common theater programs, vaudeville acts and later became a movie house in 1927. In 1950 the theater was demolished for the Franciscan church St. Peter’s in the loop.

In Spring of 1950, the LaSalle Theatre was razed to make way for a new St. Peter’s Church, which relocated to the Loop, which is also home to 30 Franciscan friars who live above the church. St. Peter’s in the Loop, besides hosting classical concerts, is also known for its gorgeous stained-glass windows and the huge crucifix on its facade, overlooking Madison Street.

If you would like to purchase or view other contemporary or historical photographs of Chicago please follow this link Historic Black and White Photography of Chicago.


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