1893 Columbian Exposition Pictures

Chicago Ferris Wheel Picture from Columbian Expo
Chicago’s World’s Fair – Ferris Wheel Photo

Friedman Fine Art and http://www.chicago-photographs.com are pleased to present this vintage black and white photograph of Chicago.

Formerly known as Meigs Field, the now Northerly Island and McCormick Place locations were the home grounds of the 1933 World’s Fair. Stretching from 12th street to 39th street, the Chicago World’s Fair (also called the Century of Progress Exposition) of 1933 was to intended to celebrate the centennial of Chicago and represent the progress to come for not only Chicago, but the world as it related to technology innovations and business.

With the motto of “Science Finds, Industry Applies, Man Adapts”, this fair was to be a great contrast to the previous one of 1893 with its all white buildings; this fair was a lively event with brightly colored buildings of modern architecture with exhibits and entertainment to inspire wonder and awe. With the great depression over, President Roosevelt supported the reopening of the fair and encouraged it leading to a second opening of the fair a year later in May of 1934 with immense popularity. Exhibits and entertainment such as live babies on display in incubators, automobile showings, the Skyride and a striptease act were intriguing welcomed sites while others such the Graf Zeppelin were not.

Upon the Fair’s end in October of 1934, Chicago had welcomed over 40 million people and effectively generated enough money to pay off all of its debts and have a profit. This is a vintage photograph of one of the main buildings at Chicago Fair.

If you would like to purchase or view Chicago photographs, follow this link 1893 Columbian Exposition Pictures from Chicago.


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