Find World Columbian Exposition Photographs

Columbian Expo
Vintage 1893 Chicago Louis Sullivan Golden Doorway – Transportation Exhibit Picture

Friedman Fine Art and are pleased to present this beautiful vintage black and white photo of Chicago.

In honor of the 400th anniversary of Columbus and his exploration of the Americas, Chicago celebrated his finding of America with World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 (also known as The Chicago World’s Fair) beating out other cities like New York and D.C. In preparation of the fair, many of the buildings were designed by Daniel Burnham in the neoclassical and Beau-Arts architectural styles and temporary.

Although the fairs celebratory opening festivities were held in 1892, the actual fair did not open until a year later in May of 1893. The exposition was held in Jackson Park (between 59th and 60th streets) and covered over 600 acres of land. With over 40 countries participating, the fair had many new and attracting exhibits such as the Ferris Wheel, a moveable sidewalk and an ice rail way. With over 716,000 people in attendance, the fair was successful to the city that a red star was added to the city’s flag.

If you would like to purchase or view other contemporary or historical photographs of Chicago please follow this link Photographs of Chicago.


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