Vintage Chicago, Illinois – Navy Pier Photographs 1922

Photo of Navy Pier 1922
Old Chicago Navy Pier 1922 Photograph

Friedman Fine Art and are pleased to present this gorgeous historical black and white photograph of Chicago.

After the infamous Chicago Fire, Daniel Burnham had big plans for the brand new Chicago one of which being for the city to have five piers around the city. However, when the Burnham Plan of 1909 went into production only one pier was built, Municipal Pier. After two years and a final price tag of $4.5 million, the historic Municipal Pier opened in 1914. However, as the United States entered World War I, the pier was transformed into a home for the Red Cross, regiments of soldiers and barracks for new recruits. In 1927, Municipal Pier had a name change to what it is known as today “Navy Pier” in honor of the Navy who personnel served in World War I. For the next 19 years Navy Pier served as the home of naval pilot’s orientation and practice.

In 1946, the University of Illinois used the pier as an offsite facility for a two-year undergraduate program until 1965 when it became a public entertainment space it is known as today.

If you would like to purchase or view other vintage photographs of Chicago please follow this link Chicago Pictures.


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