A Vintage 1930 Picture of Al Capone with Lawyers

Historic Chicago Photos
Old Black and White Al Capone in Courtroom with his Lawyers 1930 Photo

Friedman Fine Art and http://chicago-photographs.com are pleased to present this unique black and white historical picture of Chicago.

To the left is a vintage picture of Al Capone in a 1930’s courtroom. Although known as a famous Chicago gangster, Alphonse Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York 1899. As a child Capone was involved in ‘kid gangs,’ the Brooklyn Rippers and the Forty Thieves Juniors, and quit school at the age of 14 as a sixth grader. Years later, as an opportunist Capone moved to Chicago to take advantage of illegally smuggling, brewing, and distilling of alcohol during the age of prohibition as well as bribery and prostitution; however, he is famously known for his alleged involvement and orchestration of the Saint Valentine’s day Massacre when members of a rival Northside were executed in a garage of what is now known as the Lincoln Park Neighborhood.

To hide his illegal activities, Capone set up headquarters around the city that was later known as “Caponeville” at the Anton and Hawthorne Hotels where he pretended to be an antiques dealer and doctor. In 1931 Capone was incarcerated in tax evasion charges and sent to Alcatraz federal prison where he discovered he had neurosyphilis. Eight years later in 1939 he was released on parole and passed in 1947 from cardiac arrest.

If you would like to purchase or view other contemporary or historical photographs of Chicago please follow this link Old Pictures of Chicago.


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