Sight-Seeing in Chicago – A view of Chicago’s Yesteryear

Chicago Photographs
Photo of Chicago Sight Seeing Bus from 1908

Friedman Fine Art and are pleased to present this historic Black and White photograph of Chicago.

Sight-seeing in Chicago is a must. If you are able to walk the historic streets of our beautiful city you will be able to see the rich history portrayed in the architecture and art that makes Chicago such an attraction to millions each year.Once belonging to the Algonquin Indians, the land that we know as the Chicago River began to be invaded by the French people and thence formed a treaty to live peacefully together. After seeing the onion plants that grew around the Chicago River, the French named the city Chicago after the french word shikaakwa, which means, “stinky onion”.

From there, wars and battles ensued and English migrants began moving in and creating trade and business. The city began to grow rapidly through the means of trade and port businesses and the discovery of rich, fertile lands south and west. Through the ports and canals, Chicago rose to popularity as well.

The fire of 1871 wiped out most of the original structures of that time because most everything was made of wood. When re-building the city, fire codes were put into place and the Jeffersonian grid city system was developed. From there, The World’s Colombian Exposition of 1893 drew in 27.5 million visitors affecting the art, architecture and design of the nation. From there, new technologies came into play including the skyscraper. Here is where the starting point of all the buildings came into full force using the newest technologies of the time.

Throughout the 19th and 21st centuries, this area of land has gone through wars and fires, floods and destruction, to the rise of skyscrapers and power. One of the top cities in the United States, Chicago is home to many diverse styles of art and architecture and people. It is a city to visit again and again.

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