1937 Chicago Photo – Tall Ships Grace Chicago’s Navy Pier

The Guinness Sailing Ship at Anchor by Navy Pier 1937
Old Photo of The Guinness Sailing Ship at Anchor by Navy Pier 1937

Navy Pier has been host to many ships over the years as it was a naval training base as well as one of the greatest inland ports in the world. Although known today as a place of entertainment, the pier has been home to many a venue. Built in 1914, architect Charles Sumner Frost and Daniel Burnham had a vision to make this a recreational and shipping dock that would be near the mouth of the Chicago River

Through World War I and II the pier was a barracks for soldiers, Red Cross and Home Defense. The pier has also had its own streetcar line, theater, restaurants and an emergency hospital. In 1995, the pier had a complete makeover and re-opened to the public with a big mix of food and entertainment including the Guiness World Record Ferris Wheel.

Since 1998, the Pier has hosted the Tall Ships Exhibit where people can board maritime vessels including some that at once graced the docks of the original pier. This year, Pepsi is once again sponsoring the Tall Ships Exhibit August 7-11.

To purchase photographs of the Historic Places of Chicago go here.


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