Photographs of Fishing in Lake Michigan, Chicago Illinois

Chicago Photo of Lakefront Fishing 1940s
Vintage Lakefront Fishing Photograph from the 1940s

Just as it was back in the day, fishing is still great in Chicago. Beginning in the 1830s commercial fisherman reeled in many different species of fish off the shores and off-shores of Lake Michigan. Over the years, the pollution and non-native fish species have had the best of the lake.

Throughout history fishing has been a means of survival and an outlet for leisure and relaxation. And that tradition has moved all over the globe. Including Chicago and the suburbs. By 1917, The Chicago River was lined with industry and the rivers turned into streams that has led out to the Cook County Forest Preserves.

Fisherman of all ages and abilities still choose to cast out on Navy Pier, the Chicago Harbor and many other harbors and ports that line Lake Michigan today. Although fishing is not as much a survival necessity, there is still a need for relaxation and challenge of catching a world-class bass or a perch or salmon from the waters that inhabit Chicago. To purchase pictures of the History of Chicago go here


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